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There are all kinds of products out there that claim to be EXACTLY what you need to enhance your workout and therefore give you the body that you desire. I hate that the industry is so saturated with these false claims. I’ve fallen victim to it a thousand times… And I don’t want the same to happen to you. My main goal is to help others, not waste their time and money because I know we are ALL short on that right now (especially with the holidays just around the corner!).

The Best Workout Enhancer


So, if you want to take your workout to the next level, I’m going to teach you how in this post. There’s one product that I’ve found in my fitness experience that has truly revolutionized my workouts. It’s not muscle group or workout type specific. It’s not expensive. And it works. Sweet Sweat is the company that has created one of the very few products that I absolutely swear by. While they have a variety of products, here’s my Sweet Sweat Cream review.


First of all: You need to know that I wasn’t paid by Sweet Sweat to write this. The company hasn’t sent me any products for free in exchange for a review. Nobody is paying me to write a Sweet Sweat Cream review. This is just an article about a product that I use on a regular basis that has completely WOW’ed me. I just had to share it with my fit-fam.


So, What is Sweet Sweat Cream, anyway? 


The Sweet Sweat Cream is a workout enhancer. It looks like Vaseline and you rub it on your skin in the areas that you want to target or are working out that day. Some people use it with waist trainers or slimming belts like this.


What does Sweet Sweat Cream do? Why should I use it?


The company states that their cream increases the person’s circulation and perspiration wherever applied. In simpler terms, you sweat more in the areas that it’s applied to, which aids fat loss in the area. That’s at least what the company says. However, science tells us that there is NO SUCH THING as spot-reduction for fat loss. It’s all about total body fat, and lowering that number… not just lowering the amount of fat in one area. So I can’t tell you that Sweet Sweat Cream is your overnight fat spot-reducer. Yet there are a few things about Sweet Sweat that I can tell you.


Does Sweet Sweat Work?


Wherever you apply the cream, that area will get a better workout, get worked harder, and sweat more than the rest of your body (thermogenic effect). Actually, you’ll sweat your ass off. But that’s a good thing. Sweat means your body is doing work and burning calories (and potentially fat!). Every single time I have used Sweet Sweat cream, my workout was 10x better.

sweet sweat cream review

So I’ll give you an example. One of my first workouts using the cream was on arm day, meaning my weight-lifting exercises were focused on the biceps and triceps. I applied the cream to my arms and my arms never looked or felt better than they did during and after the workout. I could see the muscle definition. And I could feel that they were bigger. So you can bet that I was so excited about it that I sent my biceps in a SnapChat to all my friends!

Furthermore, because of the vasodilation effects, my muscles were able to lift heavier, work harder, last longer, and recover faster. I immediately noticed a difference. I definitely recommend Sweet Sweat for bodybuilding, working out, weight loss, and more!

I don’t want to give false hope though.  There is no magic fix, and no secret pill to transform your body. Therefore, you have to put in the work to reap the rewards. But… there’s really something to be said for that feeling of putting effort into something, working hard towards a goal, and then reaching it. And the point of this Sweet Sweat Cream review is to help you, the reader, reach your goals and feel that good. Confidence is a wonderful thing. You feel good about your body. And then better yet, you feel strong, powerful, and empowered.

So, here’s my recommendation and what your takeaway from this review should be. If you’re working out/exercising and wanting to take your workout to the next level, burn more calories in your workout, tone your muscles, then Sweet Sweat WILL help you. And you won’t regret it.


sweet sweat cream review


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sweet sweat cream reiview

sweet sweat cream review


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