Check out this shoulder routine for the best deltoid exercises! Learn how to work out your shoulders and what some of the best shoulder exercises. This can be a shoulder workout for women AND a shoulder workout for men! Exercise shoulder muscles!

Sculpted Shoulder Workout


If you want a sculpted and toned upper body, you can’t neglect your shoulders! Shoulder exercises almost always utilize every other upper body muscle group (back, biceps, triceps, etc.). So doing shoulder exercises is in your best interest! The delts are often neglected in a typical workout routine (most people like to focus on lower body, abs, or their biceps), so it is not uncommon to be sore after working on your delts! 

This shoulder workout is designed to challenge you. Make sure to use a challenging weight, even when you are doing a high number of reps! But it is so, so important not to sacrifice FORM for WEIGHT. If you find yourself swinging your body around (a.k.a. trying to get other muscle groups to help you lift the weight), LOWER THE WEIGHT!



This workout can be done at the gym or at home. It doesn’t require fancy equipment but it does require weights. Utilize the infographic as a guide for each movement found in the workout. Remember, go at your own pace. Rome wasn’t built in a day! 


These delt exercises will give you the best shoulder workout! Shoulder exercises train all of your deltoid muscles. This workout should be done with weights for maximum benefit! Get those shoulders in shape!


Shoulder Workout 

5-10 Minutes Warm-Up Cardio (Stationary bike, treadmill, step master, walking, jogging, etc.)

3×10 Front Raise 

3 x10 Lateral Raise

3×10 Overhead Press with Dumbbells

3 ×10 Upright Rows

3×10 Arnold Press

3 ×10 Crawlouts








Try this delt workout and feel the burn!

*Note: The images in the infographic are from Workout Labs. CWPS doesn’t design, create, or own these images.


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