Another post in the “Self-Care Saturday” series! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take much self-care time last weekend… but one of my cardinal rules of self-care is to be flexible and to schedule the time in advance! (To see the rest of my tips for self-care time, click here and here!I had to do some work over the weekend but I knew I’d be traveling to Savannah, GA Wednesday 11/4-Friday 11/6 and that I could take some time to recoup and relax after the chaotic last few weeks. Taking time off of work is always difficult. The work piles up beforehand, getting everything ready for your coworkers, and after the fact, dealing with everything you missed while you were gone. The Georgia School Counselor’s Association was holding it’s annual conference in beautiful, historic Savannah, GA.

During the conference,  I did attend workshops (which can be counted as “work”). However, there were excellent speakers that inspired, motivated, and fired me up. I loved every session I attended (a lot of which had to deal with mental health and counseling!). Our keynote speaker, Ms. Tara Brown, was hands-down the BEST speaker I have ever heard. Check out this clip from one of her speeches here

An added bonus to this wonderful conference is that I get to see and catch-up with some of my cohort (13 of my nearest and dearest friends that I went through my Master’s program with) from UGA. They’re all doing excellent things at their schools!

I also got to see one of my best friends, Lizzie, who is a nurse in Savannah. She just got a new puppy (maybe the cutest little pup I’ve ever seen). We got to catch each other up with our crazy lives and enjoy some good food in downtown Savannah.

This time of the year is always the busiest and the most hectic. But when you take some time to do things that you love, you’ll enjoy your work and your chaos slightly more!


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