Man oh man, did I need some time to recharge after this week! There’s something about the month of October that drives students (and staff) to their wit’s end. Maybe it’s the long stretch without a substantial break between the start of school and Thanksgiving break. Maybe it’s the seasons changing. Or it could be it’s the first of many “bugs” that go around. Whatever it is… It’s gotten the best of me and many of those around me. 

During this time of the year, keeping your immune system strong is extremely important. Did you know that lack of sleep and prolonged periods of stress can suppress your immune system, which can make it harder for your body to fight infections and virus’? Not only that, but they can also contribute to a whole list of other things like weight gain, chronic pain, impaired memory and judgment, etc. (For more information, click here and here

This will be my third “Self-Care Saturday” post. My goal in posting a self-care post each week is to encourage others to take time for themselves, as well as keep myself accountable for what I’m preaching! We are all so busy… But in order to keep ourselves happy and healthy (and to give the best of ourselves to others), we have to take some time for ourselves. To recover, recharge, and relax. To see my first Self-Care Saturday post, click here! You’ll find some great tips for self-care. One of which is to be flexible… meaning, sometimes you can’t take the time you need right when you want it. Usually, I take some “me time” on Saturdays. Obligations and errands got in the way of this sacred time; so I made a point to take that time today, Sunday. 

I lit my favorite crackling candles; I made some tea; The Atlanta Falcons are playing (and I get to watch it without distractions!); There is a cool breeze coming in from outside; and I’m writing (one of my favorite hobbies). All with my girl, Ally, by my side (or outside looking at my neighbors).




(Ally was sooo thrilled that I woke her up from her nap to take a picture with her!)

How do you use your self-care time?



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