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Do you have a favorite brand? One that you love for whatever reason? Maybe the company has products that you love the quality of; or perhaps you love the prices; whatever the reason, it’s a brand that you trust. I was given the opportunity to attend an immersion event for a brand in the Health and Wellness / Natural Products industry; and at the end of the event, I’d found a favorite brand. And it is NOW Foods. This post is sponsored by NOW Foods. I am thrilled to be working with the NOW brand. They flew me out to Chicago so I could attend their #NOWGetFit Immersion event. All thoughts and opinions are my own!




NOW Foods | Affordable Natural Products


Before the trip to Chicago for Now Foods’ Immersion Event, I had heard the brand name before and seen the bright orange protein powder tubs in health food stores. I had tried the NOW Sports Amino Powder Pre-Workout (and loved it, might I add!). But my knowledge beyond that was minimal.

Working with FitFluential, the NOW brand sponsored an event for bloggers to attend to learn about NOW. I was lucky enough to be able to attend this event, learn about NOW’s values, mission, and processes, and spread the word. Before I get into the details of the trip and the brand, I want to share some quick pictures from the event.



now foods immersion event


The biggest takeaway from the weekend was that I can trust the NOW brand.


Here’s Why:


1. The ingredients they put into their products are of the BEST quality.


Furthermore, one of their promise’s to the consumer is of quality. They have a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Program, which I have seen in action. NOW goes above and beyond the regulations (which includes FDA inspections) and what is required of the supplement industry to ensure pure, effective, and natural products.

While visiting one of the NOW Plants in Illinois, I was able to see some of the thousands of tests on materials and products that they conduct  to make sure that products are safe from contamination, adulteration, and ingredient substitution. Not to mention, they are one of just a few supplement suppliers that have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

It is all too common for supplement brands and suppliers to skip out on quality ingredients and quality checks in order to push a product to the public.




2. The price of their products is literally unbeatable.


When you look at the quality of the ingredients and the precision of their health and safety checks, you’ll be shocked at how affordable the products are.

Throughout my time with NOW, it was very clear to me that their mission is to produce the best products at an affordable price. When speaking with the CEO and the founder’s son, they both said that they didn’t want people to have to choose between paying a bill and living a healthy life. As a counselor that primarily works with children and families that live at or under the poverty line, this truly struck a chord with me.


now foods core values



3. The company and it’s employees feel like a family.


And along those lines, every consumer and purchaser of NOW products brings you into that family as well.

Have you ever met a CEO of a huge corporation or business that knew the name of every employee? From the men and women on the board to the men and women who pack the boxes for distribution? I hadn’t until I met Jim Emme, CEO of NOW Foods.

We heard a lot about how NOW values its employees. For instance, the company gives a bonus to all employees every quarter (and the size of that bonus depends on how well the company does that quarter) but every single employee, from the CEO to the plant workers, gets the exact same bonus. Additionally, the Board evaluates the salaries of the employee’s yearly to make sure that they can support themselves and their families with their earnings. It was so refreshing to hear how they treat everyone like family.

We also saw how NOW values their employees. During our tour of the plant, Mr. Emme greeted and conversed with every employee in the building. He knew their names, knew their families, and genuinely cared about what they had to say. I was floored! It was clear to see that the employees truly enjoyed their job… We even met an employee that had been working with NOW for 25 years. That is a true testament to how the company treats their employees.




4. You can get a variety of products and know that with every item you purchase, it’s top quality.


Like I mentioned before, I had a very limited knowledge on the NOW brand and it’s products. In case you aren’t familiar either, here are the different NOW lines.

Dietary Supplements: Dietary supplements help make sure that you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs! I personally take their ProBiotics. They’re life-changing. I’ll be publishing a post on these this month. Stay tuned!

Sports Nutrition: This includes things like: Protein powders, BCAAs, pre-workout, and SO MUCH MORE!

Natural Foods: In almost every person’s fitness journey, they struggle with their Food and Diet at some point. NOW Foods has some AMAZING foods, and cooking aids (oils, nut butters, etc.) to help you reach your goals! I have tried out some new recipes with their foods that will be posted on Instagram in the coming weeks! NOW Foods also has some awesome recipes and pointers that they post as well on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Beauty and Health: Facial Care, Hair Care, Beauty Supplements and more!

Essential Oils: I had no experience whatsoever with Essential Oils prior to the Immersion Event. But I was able to learn some of the basics and uses. They even taught us how to make a gym cleaning spray and massage oil with some of the oils!

NOW Pets: Their Pet Line is their newest and I am so excited about this! I have 2 labs (who are basically my babies) and I want them to live happy and healthy lives, too! 




My Favorite NOW Products


  1. Pea Protein Powder: I’ve been using this post-workout for the last 2 weeks. LOVE IT! The taste is phenomenal… and that is one of the most important things to me. I can’t eat or drink something that I can barely get down!
  2. Better Stevia: Zero calorie, low glycemic natural sweetener. I’ll never go back to others after trying Better Stevia. They also have French Vanilla Better Stevia which is PERFECT for my morning coffee!
  3. Avocado Oil: Notice that the label says Ellyndale, which is part of NOW. So you know it’s the same top notch quality!
  4. Probiotics: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. THESE PROBIOTICS ARE LIFE-CHANGING!!!
  5. Coconut Infusions, Non-Dairy Butter Flavor: I’ve never had better popcorn in my life than when I used this Coconut Infusion.



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