October was “National Positive Attitude Month.” Throughout the month, I tried to reflect on what a positive attitude meant to me. Mental health is an integral part to wellness. However, mental health is something that so many of us neglect. I’m one that will run myself into the ground by trying to do as much as I can without pausing for a minute for myself. As a result, I’ve devoted so many posts to Self-Care. Check out these posts: herehere, and here

There’s a saying that goes, “As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” This is TOO true for me. My co-counselors and I decided to design and implement a “National Positive Attitude Month” for our school. Our National Positive Attitude Month for our middle school students, included: daily motivational quotes, a writing contest, a “Wall of Positivity,” etc. October is the point in the semester when the students (and the staff) are spread too thin. Without a real break since the beginning of school, and still a month a way from Thanksgiving break, we’re drained.  So, some positive vibes were needed in the atmosphere. 

While all the activities were great, the closing activity of National Positive Attitude Month, “The Wall of Positivity,” left the biggest impression on me. Students wrote positive advice, quotes, words, etc. on colorful slips of paper. My co-counselors and I put them together and made a mosaic.It was displayed on main hall, where all 1,800+ students walk by daily. While compiling all of the papers, I couldn’t help but tear up. I was absolutely blown away from their submissions!! The depth, the emotion, and the sincerity from my students was breathtaking. 



It was an excellent reminder of how much I love my job, how much I love my students, and how much I love my career. I felt rejuvenated. I felt ready to tackle anything that was coming my way. It’s amazing what a little positivity can do in your life!

How do you stay positive?

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