Jump rope for weight loss! Use jump rope for cardio! There are so many benefits of jumping rope and exercising with jump rope. Do a 10 minute jump rope workout instead of running on the treadmill!


Jump Rope Cardio


I love mixing up my workouts. It confuses my body and makes my workout interesting. I’ve tried so many different things… Zumba, Cycling, Swimming, Yoga… but I genuinely love my usual cardio and weight lifting workouts. I’ve been searching for something that I can use to liven up those workouts, since they’re the staple of my workout regimen. Before this week, I’d never incorporated jump rope into my workout. I’ve seen people jump-roping in the gym before, but I never thought twice about it. I recently received the All Things Fitness CrossFit Jump Rope to try. I did some researching on the benefits of jump rope training – all I have to say is DANG! Why haven’t I been doing this all along?! Here’s some of what I discovered…

Benefits of Jumping Rope

  • Jump rope helps with coordination, agility, quickness, footback, mobility, etc.
  • It’s a cardiovascular exercise that strengthens and tones your muscles and assists with weight loss.
  • Full.  Body. Workout. Heck yeah!
  • It’s a cheap piece of equipment.
  • You can get a good workout in just about anywhere.
  • It can burn over 100 calories in 10 minutes. (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY!!!!)
  • A jump rope workout is FUN!

Needless to say… I’ve been missing out! It’s time to jump rope for weight loss!

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Try this jump rope workout routine!

You can either do this all at once… OR you can spread this out throughout your workout (do one variation between exercises).  One minute each!

1. Standard Jump Roping

2. Double Time Jump Roping

3. Figure Eight Jump Rope 

4. Right Foot Only Jump Rope

5. Left Foot Only Jump Rope

6. Boxer Shuffle Jump Rope

7. Front and Back Jump Rope (Jump forward once, jump backward once, etc.)



Jump Rope is EXCELLENT cardiovascular exercise! If you enjoyed this jump roping working, you may also like:


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jump rope workout

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