Get your shoulders and arms ready for halter tops and sleeveless tops. This is the best shoulder workout you can do to tone your arms and tone your shoulders.

Halter Top Shoulder Workout


When I first started lifting weights, shoulder day was my least favorite day. However, over the past few months, I have learned some very challenging, but FUN, delt (deltoid) exercises. Added bonus, my arms and shoulders look GREAT in sleeveless tops and dresses! So, to honor that great feeling: this workout is titled the “Halter Top Shoulder Workout!” This shoulder routine includes some of the best deltoid exercises.


Now, shoulder day is one of my favorites. I feel so empowered and strong after my shoulder workouts. Try this get ready for a halter top shoulder workout on your next shoulder day! Also, this workout can be done AT HOME or AT THE GYM! Dumbbells or weights are the only equipment that is required!




Use the infographic below to help guide you while doing these exercises!


hatler top shoulder workout


 Halter Top Shoulder Workout

5-10 minutes Warm-Up Cardio (Stationary bike, treadmill, step master)

1. 10 Front Raises

2. 10 Lateral Raises

3. 10 Suicide Planks (5 right arm leads, 5 left arm leads)

4. 10  Overhead Press 

5. 10 Rear Delt Flys

Repeat 4-5 times

Optional Burnout: Light weight with dumbbells – 1×25 front raises, 1×25 later raises, 1×25 overhead press. NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN!







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halter top shoulder workout

halter top shoulder workout

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