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5 Reasons Taking a Break from Fitness Can Benefit You
Taking a break from fitness doesn't have to be a bad thing! In fact, scheduling breaks in your workout routine has several benefits. Taking a break also can cause setbacks, so it's important to be intentional and careful while taking a break in fitness.
8 Quick and Easy Weight Loss Hacks To Accelerate Your Results
8 weight loss hacks that will transform your body and mind to get you to your healthiest and fittest self. Small, daily acts turn into big gains in the end.
The Best Shoulder Exercises To Tone Your Delts and Upper Body Quickly
Whether you run, hike, play sports, or lift weights in the gym, your lower body muscles naturally receive more attention and are more frequently worked out compared to your upper body. The five best...
35 Fun Plank Variations For An Outstanding Ab Workout
   Planks are a staple in any ab workout. And for good reason! Not only does it completely kill your[...]
The Best Ab Exercises to Burn Belly Fat in Record Time
    The 5 Best Ab Exercises   In any ab workout routine, there are key core exercises that you[...]
How to Get Out of Your Fitness Slump with a Sledgehammer Workout
  Number one way to break out of a workout slump? Do workouts that make you feel badass. It’s a[...]
Get Healthy and Happy with the Ketogenic Diet Plan
    There are so many diets out there that promise quick, drastic results. What so many people fail to[...]
The Number One Thing You Need To Use If You Want A Better Workout
  Sweet Sweat   There are all kinds of products out there that claim to be EXACTLY what you need[...]
5 Exercises to Lose Arm Fat You Need To Do Now
  Lose Arm Fat and Gain Toned Muscle with These Exercises    Have you ever felt embarrassed about the way[...]
The Best Glute Exercises and How To Do Them Correctly
  Even though so many of us strive for a tiny tummy, a round and lifted booty is the second[...]
The Best 5 Gym & Home Leg Exercises You Need To Do
Among the vast list of leg exercises out there, I've narrowed it down to 5 of the BEST leg exercises[...]
Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight Fast
    Cardiovascular Workouts for Weight Loss The word "cardio" often leads to groans and sighs of dread. The best[...]
30 Gifts for the Fitness Lover
    Fitness Gift Ideas   'Tis the season. The season for family; the season for friends; the season for[...]
Cardio-Blasting Jump Rope Workout
  Jump Rope Cardio   I love mixing up my workouts. It confuses my body and makes my workout interesting.[...]

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5 Running Tips To Help Increase Your Distance
  Running Tips to Help You Increase Your Mileage   Running is one of the most popular ways to exercise.[...]
10 Sports Bras That Keep the Girls From Getting Hurt During Exercise
    Breasts come in all shapes and sizes: Big, small, medium. Real, fake. saggy, perky, somewhere in between. I[...]
How to Reach Your Fitness goals in 6 Easy Steps
Get Into A Fitness Routine to Reach Your Fitness Goals It's that time of the year again... back to school![...]
How to Stay Motivated to Workout When You Want to Give Up
    Do You Have the Motivation to Exercise?   Did you make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight?[...]
The Do’s and Dont’s of Running with your Dog
Jogging With Your Dog   DO: Talk to your vet before! Your vet will let you know of any red[...]


Why You Should Drink Essence pH10 Alkaline Water (+ Giveaway!)
    Water. The most essential of all nutrients. We can't live without it. So why is it so important?[...]
Uncovering Fad Diets: Top 5 Diets Worth Your Time!
    This week we have a new author! Enozia Vakil. A Writer. Editor. Social media enthusiast. Budding animator. Goal digger.[...]
Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water Recipes
Fruit Infused Sparkling Water Pairings Try making these fruit water recipes  with these fruit pairings and sparkling water! The fruit infusion creates[...]
Gerolsteiner’s Detox Challenge
    Is Sparkling Water Good For You?   If there's one thing that I've struggled with since I was[...]
Café Breaks Pudding Pops
Coffee Flavored Pudding Pop Recipe Since starting Cardio, Weights, and Protein Shakes, I have been able to tap into my creativity --[...]
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Balls Recipe
  Have you ever heard the statement "abs are made in the kitchen" and wondered what that meant? You're not[...]
The Ultimate Healthy Triple Chocolate Protein Muffins Recipe
Protein Powder Recipe Idea Who else LOVES guilty-free desserts that taste good and are packed with protein?! Or how about[...]
Curb your Sweet Tooth with MealEnders
a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I am so happy to be working with MealEnders -- to try their products, review them,[...]
Pineapple Chicken Skewers
Healthy Chicken Recipe Ideas:   Chicken With Pineapple: This is hands-down one of my favorite meals. It's fairly easy to prepare[...]

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