CORE Organic Water: Tasty and Nutritious

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Flavored Water Done Right

When it comes to watching and regulating what you’re putting in your body, so many people (myself included!) completely forget to include what they’re drinking. Almost all of the focus is on eating (hence the name, clean eating). But, our drinks can sometimes be the “make or break” aspect of our diet. How many of us have tried to give up soda? If you’ve ever succeeded, you know how much better you feel. The calories, the sugar, the sodium, etc. that are pumped into our bodies from drinks is horrendous. 

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What’s the easiest solution? Water of course. But, if you’re crazy like I am… you might not like water that much… Or you just might struggle getting enough water on a daily basis. I’ve tried so many different kinds of juices, or flavored add-ins with my water. Nothing compares to CORE Organic. And I mean NOTHING! The taste is to die for and there are quite a variety of flavors! Here are some of the best parts of CORE’s products:
  • USDA Certified Organic, low calorie (only 5 calories per serving) and great tasting 
  • Low glycemic (less than 1g per serving) 
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, OU Kosher, soy-free, vegan 
  • Each serving contains the same amount of antioxidants as a 1/2 cup serving of blackberries or cherries

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I highly recommend this beverage, especially if you’re looking to balance your diet holistically. You can find your CORE Organic product at a store near you by searching for your zip cope: locations that sell CORE. Most 7-11’s carry them!
Now, here’s the best part! CORE has selected me to host a CORE coupon giveaway for free products in-store!! 
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*Disclaimer: I am thrilled to work with CORE. I received these products for a review/giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

BeFit Nutrition: Top Notch Sports Supplements

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent some goodies from BeFit Nutrition, including: Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, and Burn (a fat burner)! The best part about this bundle is that BeFit has workouts that go with their products. BeFit Nutrition has created a combo to help you reach your fullest potential! 

Top Notch Sports Supplements

For those who don’t use supplements, let me give you a brief intro on the benefits of these products. Pre-workout, Whey Protein, and Fat Burners are the three staples of fitness supplements In short, pre-workout helps give you energy and focus for your workout; Whey Protein helps your muscles rebuild and repair after your workout; and fat burners help your body burn fat (hence the name!). Its REALLY important to get quality supplements and BeFit Nutrition has just that! BeFit also has some great recipes for the Whey Protein!
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Now, while supplements are great, there isn’t a magic pill or a magic powder that gives you the perfect body… You’ve got to put in work too. BeFit gives you an exercise calendar, with videos.
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I have frequently struggled with figuring out what to do for each workout… and sometimes, I spend more time trying to figure out what exercise to do next than actually exercising. Such a time waster!
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So, because BeFit Nutrition is fantastic, they’re allowing me to host a giveaway for their supplements!


Enter here!


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Visit the BeFit website for more information!


*Disclaimer: I am thrilled to work with BeFit. I received these products for a review/giveaway. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers


Healthy Chicken Recipe Ideas:

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Chicken With Pineapple:

This is hands-down one of my favorite meals. It’s fairly easy to prepare and make… and MAN is it delicious!! I included very detailed instructions for you all! ENJOY!


Pineapple Chicken Skewers
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Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
8 min
Prep Time
30 min
Cook Time
8 min
  1. 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 20 1 1/2 inch pieces
  2. 1 red or green bell peppers, cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces
  3. 1 onion, cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces
  4. 20 fresh pineapple chunks (1 1/2 inch chunks)
  5. 10 strips of bacon, cut into halves
  6. 8-12 6 inch skewers
  1. 1/3 cup Real Maple Syrup
  2. 2/3 cup BBQ Sauce (my favorite is Sweet Baby Rae's BBQ Sauce!)
  1. Combine maple syrup and barbecue sauce, set aside
  2. Submerge skewers in warm water for 20 minutes (I usually put water in a large bowl and do half of the skewer at a time. You can also get a baking pan with edges, cover it with warm water, and place the skewers on the pan).
  3. Cut all the ingredients into 1 1/2 inch pieces (Doesn't have to be exact! Just big enough to be fit onto a skewer).
  4. Cook bacon in frying pan until about 1/2 of the way done. Don't let it cook completely. You want to be able to bend the bacon in order to wrap it around the chicken in the next step!
  5. Drain bacon slices briefly then wrap each piece of bacon around each piece of chicken
  6. Thread the skewers (I use this order, but you can do whatever you want!): bell pepper, onion, bacon wrapped chicken, pineapple chunk, bell pepper/onion, bacon wrapped chicken, pineapple chunk, bell pepper/onion. Depending on how big you want each skewer to be, increase or decrease the number of ingredients on each skewer.
  7. Place skewers on a baking sheet topped with aluminum foil. Instead of aluminum foil, you can coat the pan with non-stick cooking spray.
  8. Once all skewers are threaded, slather the sauce on the skewers. Leave about 1/4 of the sauce for later.
  9. Set oven to BROIL. You'll want the pan to be about 4 inches from the heat.
  10. Broil skewers for 4 minutes. Take them out and flip each skewer over.
  11. Broil for another 4 minutes.
  12. Let them cool off, then apply the rest of the sauce - and ENJOY!!!
  1. Make sure to check that the chicken is cooked all the way through by cutting into one or two of the chicken pieces. They should be white (not pink) on the inside.
Cardio, Weights, and Protein Shakes
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