This back workout routine includes the BEST exercises for your back. You'll strengthen your upper back and strengthen your lower back. Get rid of back fat and bra fat bulge!

Back Workout Routine to Get Rid of Back Fat

Back Day is one of my FAVORITES! So, try this back workout and you’ll feel the fat burn!

As a personal trainer, I want to warn you… your back might be a little sore the next day! This workout is designed to strengthen your back muscles, specifically your lats. Make sure you stretch after you workout. This can help decrease muscle soreness. One stretch that will feel AMAZING after this workout is to pretend you are giving a very wide person a hug (and put your chin down to your neck while “hugging” them!).

Ready for a workout to target the muscles in your back?

5-10 minutes cardio warm-up (stationary bike, treadmill, etc.)

12 Lat Pulldown (wide grip) *seen in picture
12 Single Arm Bent over Rows (with dumbbells)
Repeat 3 times

3×12 Back extensions (with or without weight)
3×12 Seated Cable Row

3×10 Reverse and Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown

Finisher: 3X10 Assisted Pull ups 

If you don’t have an Assisted Pull Up Machine, get some Pull Up Assistance Bands. You can attach it to the pull up bar. You’ll place your feet in the bottom of it, and it will carry some of the weight to help you do the pull up. There are different resistances of these types of bands. The higher the resistance, the more weight it will help you pull up. So if you are a beginner, I recommend a strong band!


*If you are unfamiliar with supersets, it means you are doing two exercises back to back (one right after the other) before you rest. Then you do the designated exercises again!

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Make sure you are taking your time with these exercises. Don’t rush through the sets in order to get to your resting time. Slow, controlled movements are crucial to building lean muscle safely. When women come to me for personal training, they often shy away from back day because they don’t want to build the muscles that connect the back and shoulder area to the neck… These are commonly known as the traps (trapezius muscles). If you do not want to build mass in your traps, you must perform these fitness moves with correct form. Sometimes, when your muscles get tired, other surrounding muscles try to overcompensate! 

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