Outdoor Workout for the Champagne Sippin’ Fitness Fanatic

Summer is great and all… but I’m ready for Fall! The August heat in Georgia is killing me. In fact, I think it was above 95 degrees today with 65-70% humidity. You can basically work up a sweat and get a workout in just walking to your car in the parking lot at the grocery store! 

August is also the time that school is back in session – which for me, means back to work! We just finished up our first week of school. And, let me tell you, getting back into my school routine has been tough! Not to mention, the stress already associated with being a school counselor. Surviving that first week deserved some celebration of some sort. Champagne is the drink for classy celebrations, right?!

I might not be celebrating with actual champagne… but one of my fellow #SweatPink sisters just launched a new athleisure line at Fit & Flirty! Combining all of the sweeter things in life (champagne and fitness), what could be better? I guess you can call me a champagne sippin’ fitness fanatic! 😉


champagne and gainz


Now that I’m gearing up for the fall weather, I’m writing out some of my favorite workouts. I was able to get in a quick outdoor workout before it got too hot and humid this past weekend. And it was good enough to share with you all.


Champagne Sippin’ Fitness Fanatic Workout

Warm Up: Walk, jog, or do some dynamic stretches for a few minutes to get loose!

Set 1: 30 second plank, 10 tuck jumps (repeat 3-5 times)

Set 2: 15 squats, 50 jumping jacks (repeat 3-5 times)

Set 3: 10 crawlouts, 50 high knees (repeat 3-5 times)

Set 4: 20 walking lunges, 20 mountain climbers (repeat 3-5 times)

Set 5: 20 tricep dips, 50 butt kicks (repeat 3-5 times)

Cool down: walk or jog or a few minutes– then do some dynamic stretches 

When you’re done with the workout, why not celebrate with some champagne? 


champagne and gainz


P.S. COUPON CODE!! You can get 15% from Fit & Flirty until September 15, 2018 by using the code SWEATPINK3 

4 Workouts That Will Actually Get You Excited To Exercise


Non-Traditional Workouts That Will Get You Excited About Fitness


Have you ever dreaded going to the gym because you can’t stand the thought of running on the treadmill? Or have you ever skipped your workout because you didn’t want to do the same boring things again and again? If you answered “yes,” then don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s a common problem that people of every fitness level struggle with.

Boredom and monotony are two of the biggest culprits of fitness motivation burnout. Click To Tweet

Boredom and monotony are two of the biggest culprits of fitness motivation burnout.  If you’re dreading a boring workout, you’re more likely to come up with excuses to stay home. But on the other hand, when you are excited and pumped to go do a workout, you’re less likely to skip it.

How do you break out of the humdrum in your workout routine?


As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer, I come across this problem regularly.  The minute I feel myself, or my clients, start to lack motivation or excitement to exercise or workout, it’s time to brainstorm ways to mix things up. That means it is time for some nontraditional workouts!

Changing your workout routine can feel close to impossible. You’ve gotten into a routine; you have the fitness equipment that you need for what you’ve been doing; And there is a learning curve whenever you are starting something new. I’ve found various workouts that will motivate you and excite you, while also keeping your anxiety down. These are tried and true workouts that will help you reach your fitness goals while staying motivated!

Break Out of Boredom with These NonTraditional Workouts



1. Playground Workout

Is there anything more fun than a playground? Playgrounds and parks are meant for enjoyment. Shouldn’t exercising be enjoyable, too? If your local playground has the following equipment, then you’re ready to go have some fitness fun!

  1. Bench
    • Push-Ups: You can either do pushups with your hands placed on the edge of the bench and your feet on the ground or you can do them the opposite way (hands on the ground and feet on the bench)!
    • Tricep Dips: Place your palms on the bench and lower your body to the ground. Then raise yourself back up.
  2. Swing
    • Swing Knee Tucks: You will be in the plank position with both feet positioned in the swing seat. Bend your knees and tuck them to your chest, bringing the swing with you.
    • Swing Split Squat: With your back to the swing, place one foot in the sing seat. Lower your body like you are doing a squat.
  3. Monkey Bars / Bar
    • Pullups: Hold on to the bar with both hands and try to pull yourself up!
    • Hanging Leg Raises: With both hands on the bar, hang straight and bring your knees to your chest. To make it harder, keep your legs straight and lift your legs to a 90 degree angle.
  4. Fireman Pole
        • Climbing: Try to climb to the top!




2. Jump Rope Workout

Jump roping is one of those nontraditional workouts that is a great way to get a high intensity cardio workout in a short period of time. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a very effective training method in the fitness industry. HIIT is a type of interval training where you alternate very high intensity with low intensity. Jump rope for a period of time (high intensity), then take a break (low intensity). There are several variations you can do in your jump rope workout.





3. Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing workouts make you feel like a fitness warrior. Kickboxing exercises engage almost every muscle in your body; so, you can get a full body workout (including cardio)! Workouts can be done at a gym or at home. It is slightly more enjoyable when you have a punching bag; there’s something about getting to hit something like you’re mad at it!

          1. Quick Jabs: These are quick, swift front punches.
          2. Hooks: Imagine you are turning the steering wheel of a car with your preferred hand. Throw the punch in a horizontal arch!
          3. Cross Punches: Punch across your body, engaging the obliques.
          4. Uppercuts: With your elbow staying tight to your body, punch in an upward direction (from your side towards your head).
          5. Front Kicks: Kick to the front and can be at any height.
          6. Side Kicks: kick to the side; this will engage the side of your glutes and thighs!

*You can add more difficulty to these moves by adding elements, like a sit up or a squat, to the beginning to them.





4. Workout Classes

There are so many workout classes at different types of gyms that you are bound to find something that peaks your interest. Fitness classes are an excellent way to break your workout cycle. If you want to find what workout classes are near you, you can search workout class along with your zip code on your search engine. You can also see what classes are offered at your local gyms!

              1. Cycling
              2. Step Class
              3. Boot Camp
              4. Zumba
              5. Pilates
              6. Yoga







When you’re trying a new or nontraditional workout or a new exercise, make sure you do so safely! You don’t want to injure yourself. If you are unsure of any move, ask or do some more research. Your safety is the top priority, but also have some fun.

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Nontraditional workout ideas like jump rope workout, kickboxing workout, and park workouts!


4 nontraditional workout that will actually get you excited to workout. Workout motivation can come from trying new workouts and some out of the box workout ideas! Fun workout ideas, like park workouts, jump rope workouts, and kickboxing!


17 of the Best Inspiring Female Empowerment Quotes


Empowering Fitness Quotes for Women


Not too long ago, I posted 30 Motivational Fitness Quotes. I love quotes and mantras that I can use to help propel me towards my goals. But as I’ve gathered many quotes in my personal arsenal, I’ve realized that my FAVORITE quotes are the ones that go a little deeper into my identity. Past fitness. Past being my own boss. But being a WOMAN. As a woman, I’ve faced my fair share of less than appropriate and equal treatment. I know many can relate. These quotes can be motivational for fitness, career, motherhood, ANY area of life for women.

So here are my FAVORITE female empowerment quotes. Because “Who run the world? Girls” and not to mention but… the future is female! Cheers to you, ladies! 




1. You grow, girl.



2. I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.



3. She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.




4. We get so caught up in being “pretty.” Let’s be pretty funny, pretty fierce, pretty kind, pretty strong.



5. I’m not strong for a girl. I’m just strong.



6. I have always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.



7. Success depends on the second letter of the word.



8. Dust settles. I don’t.



9. I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin.




10. Empowered women empower women.



11. Purpose fuels passion.




12. If you are tired of walking to your destiny, sprint.



13. Nevertheless, she persisted.



14. Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.




15. Here is to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.



16. A real woman has curves, is skinny, has muscles, is whatever the hell she wants to be.



17. She believed she could, so she did.






If you like these female empowerment quotes, you can find a ton more that I have pinned on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/LizzyCWPS/

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Empowering quotes for motivation, inspirational fitness quotes


5 Reasons Taking a Break from Fitness Can Benefit You


5 Reasons Your Body May Benefit from a Fitness Break

“Taking a break” has gotten such a bad rep over the years. Remember the hit TV show Friends, when iconic love duo, Ross and Rachel, were on a break? Bad things happened. Or maybe you were in middle school P.E. and all the athletic and fit students were able to run faster and you felt ashamed when you had to take a break to catch your breath. There have been so many circumstances where the notion of “taking a break” has been negative. Really, really negative. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

What if taking a break was a good thing?

I’ve recently taken a short hiatus from my typical workout and fitness schedule (I say hiatus here because it was longer than a break due to repeated injuries). And I can tell you from personal experience, as well as hours and hours of research, that taking a break from fitness has benefits.


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The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Taking A Break From Working Out Are: 


1. Mindset Change. 

Taking a break from the routine can give you perspective and new ideas! Take the time to come up with some new exercises to try or classes to take. And maybe take the opportunity to do some active recovery — like walking, yoga, etc.


2. Break through the plateau.

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with our workouts, our records, our weight, our caloric intake, our macros, etc. that it becomes unhealthy and leads to burnout. Doing the same thing day after day can get boring and stale. Throwing a break into the schedule may be the change in routine that you’ve been needing!


3. Prevent (or recover from) injuries.

This may be the most sensible benefit. Exercise takes a toll on the body. Even the most careful of exercisers can get injuries! Sore or strained muscles, bruises, sprains, fractures, breaks, tears, etc. all require rest. Or maybe if you’re stuck in a routine, you may not be as careful as you usually are. Or maybe you’ve been pushing yourself, you may be close to an injury. Relax, rest, repeat. 



4. Get stronger and healthier.

Muscles need time to recuperate and repair in order to get stronger. Let your body catch up! Maybe you can catch up on some sleep too…


5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Have you ever heard that saying before? Well, it can be true! And if the absence of something doesn’t make you miss it, then that’s a sign that you may need a change. For instance, if you’ve been running exclusively… and you don’t miss it while you take a break, then maybe it’s time to try out a new form of exercise (i.e. cycling, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, etc.).


3 Important Setbacks that Can Occur When Taking A Break from Fitness


Just as breaks can have benefits, they can also create setbacks. It is tricky to manage the fine line between “taking a break” and “falling out of a habit.” Working out is a difficult habit to build and to remain consistent with… therefore, it is SO important to be careful when taking a break!

The 3 biggest setbacks from taking a break from fitness that I have seen are:


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1. Short breaks turn into long breaks.

Remember the commercial for an arthritis medication that said “a body a rest stays at rest…and a body in motion stays in motion” or something along those lines? Well, it’s true. If we aren’t careful, our short break can turn into something more.


2. It’s used as an excuse to not do anything at all or to eat whatever you want.

Just because you’re taking a break, doesn’t mean that active recovery shouldn’t be considered. I’ll be honest, I’ve done my fair share of “lounging around and not doing anything because it’s my rest time.” Not to mention… the “eat whatever I want because it’s my cheat day” mentality. HARMFUL! Please, by all means, reward yourself for your hard work… and eat what your heart desires. But everything in moderation, right?


3. You expect everything to change as a result of the break.

Yes, rest can improve many things. But it isn’t the “one size fits all” for many things in the fitness world. If you have an injury, rest may be part of the answer – but other steps are taken too! Rest won’t make you lift 50 pounds heavier at your next workout. And it won’t shave 2 minutes off of your mile time. But rest IS part of the answer. Just not the whole answer.



5 Running Tips To Help Increase Your Distance

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Running tips to help you reach a goal or increase your mileage. Motivation for running, running tips, and ways to help you get to race day. Running is great for weight loss and fat loss! Shoes in image are Mizuno Wave Rider 21.


Running Tips to Help You Increase Your Mileage


Running is one of the most popular ways to exercise. But it’s not an easy task. Starting to run and/or working your way up to a certain distance takes time and strategic planning. If you jump the gun and increase your daily or weekly mileage too fast, you may end up injuring yourself… and then hindering your progress for a lengthy period of time (trust me, I’ve been there!). While I don’t call myself a running expert, I have taken myself from couch potato to half marathoner twice, and taken myself from social walker to 5k and 10k diva more times than I can count! I’ve done a lot of trial and error, and I want to share my tips and experiences in hopes to help even one person reach their running goals!

1. Pick a race.

There’s something to be said about the old saying, “Keep your eyes on the prize” When you pick a race, you’ll have that date in your mind, you’ll be visualizing “the prize.” What better way to motivate yourself to push past your comfort zone than having an event. 

2. Create a calendar or a plan.

Fail to plan = plan to fail. If you have a calendar, you can split that big goal into attainable weekly goals. When I was trying to increase my mileage and work my way up to a higher mile race, I’d increase my “long run” day by one mile every 1-2 weeks. For example, I’d look at my calendar to see how many weeks I had until race day. If I was working my way up to a 10k (6.2 miles), I’d do 6 miles for my long run the 2 weeks prior, 5 miles for my long run the week before that, 4 miles the week before that, etc, while doing shorter runs on my other running days. 

3. Don’t wear old, worn out shoes.

This one is more important than you might realize… When I first started running, I was putting 15-20 miles a week on shoes that I’d had for maybe 2-3 years. I didn’t think much of it at the time, until the pain in my feet, ankles, calves, and knees made me put running on hold. Running shoes are made to support your stride (and different running shoes support different types of strides). The more you run in your shoes, the less effective they get. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over a long period of time.
Running tips to help you reach a goal or increase your mileage. Running is great for weight loss and fat loss! Mizuno Wave Rider 21's are great for supporting your runs.
I’ve been wearing Mizuno’s for the last year for my running days. I’m rockin the Mizuno Wave Rider 21‘s right now because they make my runs better… and here are my top 3 reasons why they’re my favorite running shoe:
1. I don’t get heel blisters if my socks slide down. There’s cushioning on the heel, which 1) helps my socks stay in place and 2) keep my heels from getting irritated.
2. They’re really breathable. Which is extra wonderful when you live in Georgia and it’s hot most of the time!
3. My foot feels supported but the shoe isn’t heavy. A lot of shoes that brag about how much support they give the foot feel HEAVY and almost like your foot is weighed down. I hate that. These Wave Rider 21’s aren’t heavy but they still provide the right amount of support.
Running tips to help you reach a goal or increase your mileage. Running is great for weight loss and fat loss! Mizuno Wave Rider 21's are great for supporting your runs.

4. Foam Roll, Massage, Stretch. 

Seems obvious, right? Then why is it so easily neglected? If you don’t have a foam roller, they’re miracle workers. I’m not an expert, but please don’t neglect your sore or tight muscles. 

5. Celebrate every single victory.

Running is hard. SO HARD. But so rewarding. Had a bad day but you still got a short run in? GO YOU! Ran .25 miles more than you thought you could? HECK YES. Didn’t feel like you were going to throw up after a hard run? SLAY. I think you catch my drift. You are AMAZING because you are taking steps to better yourself. Celebrate YOU.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

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