Workout gifts are the best! Here is a list of 30+ of the best fitness gifts for people who workout (these include fitness gifts for women as well as fitness gifts for men!).


Fitness Gift Ideas


‘Tis the season. The season for family; the season for friends; the season for worship; the season for tacky holiday sweater parties; and, the season of gift-giving. I love this time of year for so many reasons. I love getting people gifts, big or small, and putting a smile on another’s face. However, I get stumped by at least one person every single year — “What the heck do I get them for Christmas?!” I know their interests and hobbies, their likes and dislikes, but I still can’t figure out what to give them. Well, if you have one of those people in your life and you know they workout and eat well, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts you can get the fitness lover! And since I have a slight obsession with Amazon, I’ve given you some links and pictures to products from them.


1. Supplements

Supplements: These can be pretty pricey… and if your loved one buys sports supplements frequently throughout the year, they’ll be very thankful to not have to pay that price this month. If you’re not sure what kind of fitness supplements to get, either ask them or get a gift card to a local supplement shop. They’ll be able to put it to good use!


Looking for gifts for people who workout? Here are 30 gifts for the fitness lover / workout gift ideas from this list of 30 best fitness gifts for women and men.

2. Class Pass 

Class Passes: There are several websites and apps that offer discounted bundles to fitness classes at a variety of fitness studios in your hometown. For example, ClassPass offers a pass for one month of unlimited classes. You could also purchase class passes to places like Crossfit, PureBarre, and OrangeTheory Fitness.


3. New Gym Shoes

New Gym Shoes: One can never have enough exercise shoes. Not only do they wear out and lose support quickly if you’re in the gym and using them daily, but workout shoes also start to fade and not look as sharp as they did when they were first purchased. Your loved one will thank you for some new kicks!


4. Workout Wedding Bands

Workout Wedding Bands: Are you buying a gift for a couple that works out together? There are many stores and websites that sell wedding bands that are made for the gym!


5. Functional Exercise Clothing

Functional Exercise Clothes: This can include workout leggings, dry-fit fitness tops, exercise jackets, etc.


6. Funny Exercise Shirts

Funny or Sarcastic Exercise Clothes: Amazon, Etsy, and so many other places have the greatest workout shirts/tanks that are TOO funny. You can also get fitness shirts and fitness tanks with motivational messages I have some shirts that say “Look Pretty, Play Dirty,” “Run, Rest, Repeat,” etc. You can find these shirts for weight-lifters, runners, swimmers, etc. 


7. Socks

Socks: I excluded socks from new exercise clothes because socks are one of the most important parts of fitness attire. That, plus if your friend is like me, they have 100 pairs of socks that don’t have mates anymore… oops.


8. Headphones or Earbuds

Nice Earphones: I’m not talkin’ about some cheap earbuds. I’m talkin’ nice earphones or earbuds. Waterproof. Secure fit. Good sound quality.

9. Shaker bottle

Shaker Bottle: Every fitness lover can appreciate a nice water bottle or shaker bottle.


10. Personal Blender

A Personal Blender: This is GREAT for smoothies and protein shakes. Many fitness fanatics can’t stand the taste of protein powder and water… which makes Shaker/Blender bottles pretty useless… but if the protein powder is mixed with some fruit and blended into a smoothie, it’s a different story. Your loved one be able to make smoothies and shakes quickly and easily. Hamilton Beach, Oster, and NutriBullet all have personal blenders ranging from $15-$80. 


11. Exercise Accessories

Exercise Accessories: This can include workout headbands for women, sweatbands, exercise arm-bands, utility belts, etc.


12. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands: These can be used to work out at home or can be used in conjunction with machines at the gym. Win, win! There are a variety of levels of resistance to choose from, so it might be smart to get a couple.


13. Free Weights

Free Weights: You can purchase dumbbells, medicine balls, etc. for your fitness-lover to use when they work out at home! It will take their workouts to the next level and give them so many more options when it comes to exercising at home!


14. Jump Rope

Jump Rope: Another gift that can be used to improve workouts at home or at the gym. You can even get some rope-less ones that count how many jumps you’ve done!


15. Workout Gloves or Wrist Wraps

Workout Gloves or Wrist Wraps: Workout gloves and wrist wraps are used for extra support and grip.


16. Workout Plans from their Favorite Athlete

Workout Plans from their Favorite Athlete: I follow so many incredible athletes on Instagram, like Sarah Bowmar, Heidi Sommers, etc. These women have created dynamite workout plans that you can purchase for yourself or a friend. See if there’s a specific person your loved one admires, and get them one of the programs that is offered!


17. Heart Rate Monitor/ Fitness Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor/ Fitness Tracker: Heart rate monitors aren’t just for runners! I use mine when I’m lifting weights so I can see how hard my body is working. I used to use a FitBit, but now I have a Polar FT7 watch. There are so many types and brands to choose from!


18. Foam Roller

Foam Roller: Thank the heavens for foam rollers. These help sore and strained muscles. It hurts so good. Look on Amazon for a great deal!


19. Tupperware/ Food Containers

Tupperware/ Food Containers: Does your friend meal prep? If so, they’ll love some tupperware. Get some that have multiple compartments so that their meals can be ready to go in one place!


20. Low-Sodium Cooking Seasoning

“Clean” or Low-Sodium Cooking Seasoning: Another gift for those who want to clean up their eating habits! I recommend Mrs. Dash seasonings for clean eating seasonings.


21. Specialty High-Protein Food

Specialty High-Protein Food: Healthy foods are often more expensive… and it’s a price that so many of us just can’t fit into our budget every month. One of my favorite specialty high protein foods is FlapJacked High Protein Pancakes. It’s a great pre-workout breakfast meal!


22. Race Registration

Registration for a Race: There are so many fun races out there — and you can pay the registration fee for your friend if they have a race they’ve been wanting to do. Better yet, sign up yourself and do the race with them!


23. Ab Discs/ Sliders

Ab Discs/Sliders: These are frisbee-looking things that you place under your feet or hands to do ab exercises with. These exercises include: dead seal drag, mountain climbers, slider pushups, etc.


24. Knee/Elbow Sleeve

Knee/Elbow Sleeves: Fitness fanatics often suffer from injuries in their knees or elbows, so a knee or elbow sleeve can help them recover from injury and continue to exercise despite some discomfort.


25. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card: Music can make or break a workout. Give your friend the gift of new workout music!


26. Body Fat Percentage Scale

Body Fat % Scale: Weight is only one measurement of your body… and in my opinion it’s not nearly as important as Body Fat percentage, and other measurements like bone density, etc. You can buy scales that measure these things and more!


27. TRX Equipment

TRX Equipment: TRX equipment can be used at home or at the gym. They are ropes that are stabilized with a mount on a wall or a ceiling. TRX suspension-training uses the user’s body-weight and gravity to exercise.


28. Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel: These are used for ab roll-outs. Great exercise equipment to strengthen your core!


29. Yoga Mat

New Yoga Mat: Yoga mats provide comfort and support that gym or house floors can’t offer. Plus, they can save your skin from dirt and icky germs.


30. Weight Lifting Belt

Weight-lifting Belt: Weight-lifting belts support the core and back when lifting heavy weights and save the weight-lifter from injury.



Hopefully this list will help you find the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life!

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